• 5Ton Industrial type Cube ice machine

    5Ton Industrial type Cube ice machine

    Compared with commercial ice machine, OMT 5Ton Industrial type cube ice machine is a big capacity cube ice maker, it makes 5000kg cube ice per day in 24hours. To get high quality and tasted ice, it’s highly recommended to use purify water which done by the RO type water purify machine. In OMT ICE, we do offer water purify machine and also cold room for ice storage.

    For our standard type industrial ice machine, include this 5000kg ice machine, the ice storage bin is built with the ice making molds as a complete part, this ice storage bin can only store approximately 300kg ice. We can customized a big ice storage bin, split type, can storage ice up to 1000kg.


  • OMT 3ton Cube Ice Machine

    OMT 3ton Cube Ice Machine

    OMT 3ton cube ice machine can produce 3000kg cube ice in 24 hours, this Industrial type cube ice machine is the hot sale model. it can run 24/7 without problem when peak season is coming. All our cube ice maker is well tested before shipment, there are also free parts along with machine for backup, you can do the replacement immediately in case something wrong for the wear parts. However, we can also send the parts by DHL/Fedex when you run out of the consumable parts. 

  • OMT 2T Industrial Type Cube Ice Machine

    OMT 2T Industrial Type Cube Ice Machine

    OMT 2ton cube ice machine is a big capacity ice making machine, it makes 2000kg cube ice per day, this 2000kg ice machine is air cooled type but can also make as water cooled type.
    The air-cooled type is good for average temperature not more than 28degree area. If the temperature is very hot by most of the time, it’s good to have a water-cooled type ice machine, this water cooled machine will come with a cooling tower and not waste water.

  • OMT 1ton/24hrs Industrial Type Cube Ice Machine

    OMT 1ton/24hrs Industrial Type Cube Ice Machine

    OMT provides two types of cube ice machines, one is ice commercial type, small capacity ranges from 300kg to 1000kg/24hrs with competitive price. The other type is industrial type, with capacity ranges from 1ton/24hrs to 20ton/24hrs, this kind of industrial type of cube ice machine has large production capacity, very suitable for ice plant, supermarket, hotels, bars etc. OMT cube ice machine is highly efficient, automatic operation, energy saving and environmental friendly and are quickly becoming the most popular choice for clients around the world.

  • OMT 10ton Tube Ice Machine

    OMT 10ton Tube Ice Machine

    OMT 10ton industrial tube ice machine is a large capacity ice machine, it makes10,000kg/24hrs machine, It is a big capacity ice making machine which generates high capacity ice for your ice plant, it’s also good chemical plant, food processing plant etc.  It makes cylinder type transparent ice with a hole in the middle, this type of ice for human consumption, ice thickness and hollow part size can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Under PLC program control system to work automatically, the machine has high capacity, low-power consumption and minimal maintenance.

  • OMT 5tonTube Ice Machine

    OMT 5tonTube Ice Machine

    OMT 5ton tube ice machine makes 5000kg tube ice machine in 24hours, our latest technology make this 5000kg ice maker different from others, we can use less power compressor to get more ice, this save our customers electricity bill a lot. By mounting with RO type water purify machine, using the purify water, the machine makes very clean and edible transparent tube ice , it’s widely for drinks, supermarket etc. Usually, this tube ice maker is water cooled type condenser, cooling tower also inside our supply, this water cooled design machine works very good in high temperature area. However, if your ambient temperature is not high, air cooled type machine also a good choice, the split remote condenser is good for your shop. 

  • OMT 3000kg Tube Ice Machine

    OMT 3000kg Tube Ice Machine

    OMT 3000kg tube ice machine makes transparent and nice tube ice, widely used in beverage cooling, drinking, aquatic food processing, chemical plant cooling, ice factory and gas station etc. Generally, this 3ton tube ice machine is a complete set unit with air cooled condenser, for optional, the air-cooled condenser can be split and remote. However, the ice making machine is suggested to make water cooled type if the ambient temperature is more than 40degree, the water cooled type machine works better than air cooled type, no matter in ice productivity and also energy consumption.

  • OMT 1000kg Tube Ice Machine

    OMT 1000kg Tube Ice Machine

    OMT 1000kg tube ice machine is our hot sale product, it’s proved by the market for it’s high quality and stable running, the machine can be made into single phase tube ice machine, or you can also build to work with three phase electricity. We are the leading manufacturers for this type of commercial tube ice maker and know how  to make this type of machine well, no matter in machine operation but also in energy saving.  

    This machine is quite popular in Southeast Asia, America etc, for the tube ice machine for Philippines, this one is the popular one. 

  • 5Ton Ice Block Machine(1000pcs of 5kg Ice Per day)

    5Ton Ice Block Machine(1000pcs of 5kg Ice Per day)

    The 5ton ice block machine gives you 1000pcs of 5kg ice per day, in 24hours. You can get 200pcs per batch in 4.8hours, total 5batches in 24hours. Machine power: 19KW. In OMT ICE, we also provide cold room for ice storage, and diesel generator or solar power energy for the ice machines. 

  • OMT 3ton Ice Block Machine

    OMT 3ton Ice Block Machine

    OMT block ice making machine, adopts separate design for ice machine and salt water tank, can be installed in the container.
    The machine starts to work once the water pipes and electricity power are connected, also easy to transport.

    It mainly for making 5kg, 10kg ,20kg and 50kg ice.

  • 2Ton Ice Block Machine

    2Ton Ice Block Machine

    OMT 2ton Ice Block Machine adopts separate design between ice block machine and salt water tank.

    The machine starts to work once the water pipes and electricity power are connected, also easy to transport.
    It mainly for making  5kg, 10kg and 20kg ice.



    OMT offers high quality small ice block machine for beginners, this single phase ice block machine is affordable and competitive price in market, it can be power by household electricity or solar energy, this model can help lots of people to enter ice block production business.


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OMT ice makers have been sold well all over the world, we have many proven ice machines in Africa, e.g Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa etc, and also customers in UK, America, South East Asia etc. We keep tracking and investigating the service conditions and feedback of customers to the ice making machines. We constantly improve the quality and operation of our products and strengthen the team management, insisting in taking quality and service as first.

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